is where I keep the games I make and today I released The White Savior Simulator

I am curating a second showcase of sacred gender and transgender indigenous digital, transmedia, and video game artists/makers for an in-person exhibition early 2023 in Seattle. If that seems like you please get in touch before August 9th to be added to the artist list.

Excited and honored to be selected alongside some amazing artists and writers for this year's Centrum Emerging Artist Residency!

This was a really great conversation last month hosted by the University of Washington. When I have a link to the recording I will post it here.

Graduated with a Master's in Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts on Sunday. A picture to prove that it is real for myself, mostly.

As a performer I have focused on embodiment, queer community and culture, ancestral and cellular communication through dance, and contemporary movement methodologies. The picture on the right is a still taken from video of a rare solo performance, the photo on the left is from the Seattle Dances coverage of Gender Tender's Melted Riot performances. Gender Tender is a loosely comprised multidisciplinary queer performance collective captained by choreographer Fox Whitney, a black trans man.

This morning I am participating in On Display: a living sculpture garden performance for the United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities. As a chronically ill artist with invisible disabilities this project is close to my heart and I'm happy one of the project ambassadors reached out to me earlier this year.

Join us for a panel discussion as part of the Archive of Resistance project, happening this Friday, December 3rd at 6 pm (EST). Indigenous artists/creators Hexe Fey and the Catrileo Carrión Collective will be presenting their works in multi-disciplinary digital platforms that choreograph 2 Spirit/Trans/Queer identities through the notion of non-linear time.

Event info:

This project was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

This really cool 2022 calendar of harm reduction badasses is for sale currently and benefits community harm reduction efforts in Seattle. Contact me for info on how/where to get them :)

I hope to continue to promote, curate, and open education pathways for transgender digital artists, particularly indigiqueer and Two Spirit artists. As a transgender indigenous person myself, I have found it extremely difficult to find support, access to education, funding, and collaborators. If possible, I would like to change that for myself and others.

I curated an exhibition of indigenous transgender digital artists titled "Digital Indigiqueer: Trans Transmedia" for the 2021 ImagineNative Festival in partnership with the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.

I use photos from my environment, focusing on landscapes, plant life, and architecture as a base for modification and glitch-ifying

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I keep games and game type projects on the profile for my digital arts collective:

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Federated social media! Fun! Friends! Updates! Posts! Artist websites are boring. So I decided to make my artist website into a Mastodon server. Feel free to federate or join if you want to be updated on my shows, events, and research free from corporate owned and moderated social media. All images used are original artworks by Hexe Fey.